The Club

The House "Zur Rosen"

Close to the “Johannistor” lies the tavern “Zur Rosen”, one of the sights to visit in Jena. The former vineyard was build in the 13th century. It features a network of cellars deep underground. The vineyard was converted into its current state in the 14th century.

The history of the studentclub "Rosekeller e.V."

Entering the yard through the front-facing building one can find the old entrance to the inns old wine-cellars. Spanning different depths, the Gothic tunnel vaults were left abandoned since the demise of the wine production in Jena. Students of the faculty for agricultural studies started to excavate and rebuild the vaults in 1965. On May 3rd, 1966, the “Studentenclub Rosenkeller” opened after the “Kasseturm” in Weimar, the second club of its type. Since then the Rosenkeller has grown into the most important hub for youth culture in the centre of Jena

No matter if you want to listen to a concert, psrticipate in a pub-quiz or enjoy an evening of comedy, at the Rosenkeller we offer it all. This diversity is rooted in the structure of the Rosenkeller which is run by a volunteer club instead of a private person. Started as a club for and by students this concept of selfmanagement creates room for the development of diverse ideas. Being part of the Rosenkeller means to participate and try new ideas to collectively develop a location where everyone can feel comfortable at and have a relaxing evening.

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  • Koordination of the program: Anne-Katrin Huck, Philipp Paul
  • Club-president: Jan Hörnig
  • Manager: Jens Napierkowski

Basic data

  • Holding capacity of about 350 people (max. 150 for concerts)
  • Outdoor lounge in summer
  • mainly guests from the university
  • prices aimed at students
  • renting the club for parties and events is possible