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Reggae Dub Dancehall Jungle

Volume V of di baddest selection of good vibes, big smiles, excessive dance & refreshing drinks!

Be invited to share some good feelings with old and new roots of Reggae, shake your bumpers to some Dancehall, bake your body with the hot rhythms of DnB and get chilled down again by some smoked-up Dub.
To celebrate our 5-year-anniversary we'll serve a special shooter that can be enjoyed at our shisha-lounge at the open-air area!

The musical backround will be provided on several floors:
Yard of Chills: tba
Hall of Dance: Bafie (Reggae/Raggamuffin/Dancehall) [Torino]
Tunnel of Sweat: TKR ART & Kobee [BASS UP Jena] (Dubwise/ReggaeD'n'B/RaggaStep)

Drinks are served by Rosenkeller e.V. Jena,
Good Vibes will have to be provided by you!

Fr, 14.09.2018, 23:00

© 2013, 2014 Rosenkeller e.V.